At Squash Nutrition we know that when you bring people and food together, things can happen! Food engages all of us, and so is a powerful tool for both personal and social change.

In our projects we use food to:

  • value our similarities and differences

  • play and relax

  • work together

  • teach and be taught

  • learn and unlearn

  • care, nurture and bond

  • We collaborate with a dynamic mix of creative professionals on the delivery of our broad range of projects. Successfully engaging participants is the cornerstone of Squash's practice - so we employ super friendly, caring and imaginative people - you'll know when you've been 'Squash-ed'!

    We work with chefs, visual artists, nutritionists, horticulturalists, gardeners, architects, youth workers, performance practitioners and writers amongst many others of diverse ages and backgrounds. This creative collective of people bring with them far-reaching experience and a shared vision that helps to make Squash really unique in the field of social inclusion.