Alt Valley Got Taste and Roots! (2010)

'Alt Valleys Got Roots' won the Best Community Project in the 2011 Merseyside Environment Awards.

Squash had a busy 2010 growing season working with parents and carers on a programme of local food production in 3 schools in Alt Valley.

Together we've created 3 active food gardens and have cooked some beautiful dishes. A key focus has been the celebration and greater understanding of cultural diversity in the area, looking at Polish, South Indian and Filipino food culture. The project was funded and supported by Liverpool Extended Services through Schools and De la Salle Humanities College.

"The gardening project with Squash Nutrition has been absolutely brilliant and such a great success. The parents have really enjoyed it and got a lot from it and hopefully it will continue for many years and involve teachers, parents/carers and children. It has been a great advocate for building our Community Cohesion links. So thank you to everyone involved.' - Pauline Sloane, Deputy Head, Holy Name Primary School

"Loved the cooking sessions - have tasted food I wouldn’t normally eat. I’ve looked forward to the weekly sessions. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and it’s been great fun. Also loved the strawberry picking trip" - Participant

"It has helped me to get to know parents from the school as I was new to the area. Older children recognise me from the project and talk to me about it. Coming to the project has made me be more creative in the kitchen by using ingredients I would never have tried". - Participant

'This experience has been especially valuable in the friendship groups that have developed. Of course parents and children have learnt a huge amount about growing their own but have also grown into a mini community of their own’ Jennifer Carter, Head Teacher, Fazakerly Primary

.......‘Harvesting potatoes – was fantastic - it was like finding buried treasure’ - Participant

Click here to read the full report: Alt Valley's Got Roots evaluation report.pdf