Café Societies / Village Farm Cooks (2008 – 2010)

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We love Stockbridge Village in Knowsley, and have met and worked with a passionate group of residents with the aim of inspiring a grassroots good food revolution!

This project started it's life as 'Cafe Society'. It set out to train adults local to Stockbridge Village in creative nutrition but became so much more. The inter-generational group of 30 people (ages 15 - 72 yrs) changed the project name to the Village Farm Cooks (incorporating the new and old names for the area (Cantrell Farm and Stockbridge Village). We spent many memorable weeks trying new dishes and old favourites - and tried and tested these recipes on friends and family.

The Village Farm Cooks made their own logo, bunting, aprons, bags, jams, chutneys, soups, stews, drinks, artwork and worked together to create temporary community cafés and seasonal food markets. Amazing!

We also went on a residential to Windermere in Cumbria to sample the delights of the lakes. We foraged for wild garlic, made bread with an artisan baker and cooked each other a marvellous seasonal banquet - wonderful.............

We very much valued the funding and support we recieved throughout this project from Big Lottery / Target Wellbeing and Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Groundwork, Villages Housing, and Liverpool Mutual Homes.

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'I enjoyed every session; learning new, healthier twists, like oats & brown flour to do crumbles and taking these ideas to the other groups that I attend'

'Everything! I’m more interested in soups - making my own instead of buying them. I’ve always cooked but I have gotten more adventurous and inventive. I’ve made plum jam!'

'All the making, all the practical, and also meeting lovely people'

'I loved the café and events, as I never enjoyed being on show but I enjoy doing the events and seeing everybody enjoying themselves.'

'I loved the versatility of the course - I never expected to make bunting, chutney and stew!''

I didn’t realise how easy it is to make things'