‘Access all Areas’ (2008/09)

‘…..crash, clang, petrol, print, pavement, cool, wind, the ‘shush’ of the bus….’ Paradise Street bus interchange as ‘sensed’ by participants.

Access all Areas was a social art project that celebrated the many journeys into and around Liverpool , focusing particularly on public access. Young people and local artists worked together to create 4 sensory artworks for each of the four transport gateways into city; Lime Street Station, Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Paradise Street Interchange and Pierhead Ferry Terminal.

The young artists who made these exciting works attend PSS Toy Library and Family Resource Centre, an innovative centre providing a range of services for children of all abilities. ‘Access’ in all its definitions is a fundamental issue for these young people.

Participants worked with Squash artists, Clare Owens and Rebecca Vipond, and photographer Leila Romaya from Twin Vision. They mapped their physical and emotional reactions to each venues sights, sounds, and smells to produce sensory maps of each place. Each artwork is visual collage of photographs, text and textures presenting a unique picture of each of the venues as ‘sensed’ from the perspective of the young artists.

Liverpool Echo Article