Founded in 2007, Squash Nutrition is a community food organisation, home-grown and rooted in the L8/Toxteth community. We are guided by and serve our members, who live, work, volunteer and/or hail from L8/Toxteth.

We work with food as an ingredient to stimulate a more socially active, engaged, fair and inclusive community. We do this through establishing new, creative situations for social exchange, the results of which support people living in the L8/Toxteth community to develop the confidence, knowlegde, skills and solutions to look after themselves and each other.

In L8/Toxteth we are developing:

  • A whole food street based approach in Windsor St
  • 3 community food gardens
  • A team of active volunteers
  • Food Business Enterprise training for women
  • Regular community cafe sessions
  • A street-based pop-up food programme
  • Community cooks and food growers
  • Artists commissions for socially-engaged creative practice
  • A grassroots and global food and film festival (
  • A community-designed and run food hub, comprising a community shop, cafe, catering service, food garden, training space and entrepreneurs food lab

We also share grassroots L8/Toxteth practice and passion across the Liverpool City Region and out to the North West, designing and delivering socially-engaged commissions and programs.